Usage information of our chartered bus service

Types of our chartered buses

 Large-sized bus

大型バス(観光タイプ) エクステリア

Riding capacity 53 to 60 people

Our large-sized sightseeing buses have comfortable and ample equipment such as TV, fridge, luxury seats, etc. and they are the most suitable for leisurely trip in a big group.

 Medium-sized bus

中型バス(観光タイプ) エクステリア

Riding capacity 27 to 40 people

Our medium-sized bus has “sightseeing bus type” with ample equipment and “transportation type” used for pick-up and drop off service. You can choose depending on your purpose.

 Small-sized bus

小型バス(観光タイプ) エクステリア

Riding capacity up to 28 people

We offer our small-sized bus with reasonable charges. Our microbus is suitable for pick-up and drop off of the members of various club activities and for a short trip with your friends, etc.




Our chartered bus is very valuable.

In case of traveling in a number of people, transportation fee of our chartered bus per person is quite reasonable compared with other means of transportation. Moreover, you can go to anywhere you like at anytime   convenient for you. Let’s enjoy yourselves to your heart’s content, leaving driving up to professional drivers.

Please use our buses by all means in the cases listed below.

“I want to go on a trip with my family or my friends or the members of my group activity.”
“I want to pick up and drop off the participants on ceremonial occasions.”
“I wonder if it’s possible to pick up and drop off people in case of skiing, golf competition and junior sports club games.”

We will get our buses ready catering to your specific needs such as the number of customers, distance, etc. Estimates are free of charge. So, please feel free to ask us.


Awara Kanko Co.,Ltd. guarantees your pleasant trips both in and out of Japan.

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