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Message from the president

あわら観光 株式会社 代表 松原 淑裕

Yoshihiro Matsubara
Representative director of Awara Kanko Co.,Ltd.

I would like to express my heartfelt gratitude for the patronage and support not only by our customers who have regularly used our taxis, buses and our travel service but also by all the parties concerned doing business with us.

Starting our business with “Kanazu taxi“, we have extended our company operations to chartered bus service and travel agency. Changing our company name when Awara City was born in 2004, we have continued our business until today. Currently, approximately 20,000 customers in total have used our taxi and bus services per year. Besides this, about 4,000 customers in this area have joined and made use of “Awara Tabi Club“, our travel plan commodity, per year.
We have recognized that safe driving is more important than anything else since we initially started our business with taxi service. All of us will continue to work diligently by sticking to the belief that safe operations is the very foundation of our existence and also our social responsibility.

Hokuriku Shinkansen extended to Tsuruga City in 2024. We are determined to work more diligently keeping our gratitude for our customers and the spirit of hospitality in mind, not to mention safety operations, for the sake of our customers both at home and abroad who will keep growing in number in the future so that our customers will tell us, “We are really satisfied with the service of Awara Kanko Co.,Ltd.“

I heartily request your continuous patronage and support in the future to Awara Kanko Co.,Ltd.

Company information

Company name Awara Kanko Co.,Ltd.
Location 〒919-0621 17-20, 5-chome, Ichihime, Awara City 919-0621(Map
(TEL) 0776(73)3333  (FAX) 0776(73)3861
Representative director Yoshihiro Matsubara
Capital fund 10,000,000 yen
Description of business Common taxicab operator (taxi)
General chartered bus operator (chartered bus)
General bus operator (Awara City demand taxi)
Tour operator (Tour operator registered by the governor of Fukui Prefecture Type 2 No.171)

Company history

December 1971 Kanazu Taxi Limited Company was established and we started business of common taxicab operator business.
January 2001 We started business of general chartered bus operator business(chartered bus).
January 2004 We started tour operator service.
October 2004 Company name was altered to Awara Kanko Co.,Ltd.
October 2005 We started Arawa City community bus service (General bus operator).
March 2012 We abolished Arawa community bus service.
April 2012 We started Awara City demand taxi service.

December 2016

New company building was completed. Main office and garage was transferred to it.

Business hours

Reception hours of taxi service

   From Monday to Sunday 7:00 to 19:00

    ※ We accept telephone reservation until 6:45 p.m.

Reception hours of chartered bus reservation and travel service

   From Monday to Saturday (except national holidays) 9:00 to 17:00

If you can’t contact us during the hours listed above, please let us know in advance.



Awara Kanko Co.,Ltd. guarantees your pleasant trips both in and out of Japan.

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