We recommend GRAND BLUE in the cases below.

  • In the case where you want to make a special trip you can’t usually experience
  • In the case where you want to make a leisurely trip comfortably in a group like a company trip

Please enjoy a luxurious tour by a large-sized premium bus with 25 seats in all, the fanciest chartered bus you can find in Hokuriku region.

All the seats are equipped with USB terminals and 100V outlets. Footrest and leg rest are equipped in the independent-type seats which are spacious in all directions. We recommend GRAND BLUE to the customers who wish to travel in a relaxed manner even if the fare is a little expensive.


Types of buses Sightseeing type bus with luxurious specifications
Equipment detail Independent seat (table, footrest and leg rest) , USB terminals and 100V outlets in each seat, TV monitors (terrestrial digital broadcasting and DVD), a fridge, a karaoke machine, Wifi network, a coffee maker and the latest safety equipment
Riding capacity 25 (no auxiliary seat)
Trunk size Large capacity



  • 車内

    Since each row consists of three seats, sufficient space in all directions is secured.

  • 座席

    Each seat is equipped with USB terminal, 100V outlet and a table.

  • フット/レッグレスト

    Footrest and leg rest prevent you from fatigues of travel.

  • コーヒーメーカー

    Please have a relaxing time over a cup of coffee made by the latest coffee maker.

  • テーブル

    Each seat is equipped with a foldable table.

  • Wi-Fi完備

    Please enjoy a comfortable trip by the bus fully equipped with Wifi network.

Awara Kanko Co.,Ltd. guarantees your pleasant trips both in and out of Japan.

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